Visit the new microsite on learning data developed by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics:

Learning Data Toolkit: Measure What Matters
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New Resources on Learning:

Reporting learning outcomes in basic education: country’s options for indicator 4.1.1

Paper by Silvia Montoya, Director, UNESCO Institute for Statistics

Assessments for Minimum Proficiency Levels (AMPLs): ground-breaking tools to produce internationally comparable data on SDG 4.1 indicators

Brochure (EnglishFrench) by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics

Learn more on to how to measure learning and the harmonisation of standards for measuring learning outcomes for reporting on SDG 4 Indicators 4.1.1 on minimum learning proficiency, 4.4.2 in digital literacy skills, 4.6.1 on functional literacy and numeracy skills, 4.7.4 in knowledge of environmental science and geoscience, and 4.7.5 in breadth of skills.