The Global Coalition for Foundational Learning

The Global Coalition for Foundational Learning was founded in 2022 to bring together partners with a shared commitment to improving foundational learning for all and a desire to work together to drive change more quickly.

Foundational Learning is defined as basic literacy, numeracy, and transferable skills such as socioemotional skills that provide the fundamental building blocks for all other learning, knowledge, and higher-order skills.

More information on the Global Coalition for Foundational Learning in this document.

What are the three key priorities of the Coalition?

  1. Coordinate support to countries to implement aligned evidenced-based solutions to improve Foundational Learning outcomes at scale.
  2. Support countries to monitor learning progress and improve availability of learning data.
  3. Support strategic advocacy and communications to call for implementation of the Commitment to Action, create an enabling environment for policy change, and help drive accountability for implementation.

Policy Linking Toolkit

The Policy Linking Toolkit describes the Policy Linking methodology used for measuring global learning outcomes. The toolkit was initially developed in 2019 and revised in 2020 and 2023 following implementation of Policy Linking in Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, Lesotho, Nepal and Zambia.

Read the revised Policy Linking for Measuring Global Learning Outcomes Toolkit  

Download the Policy Linking workshop presentations

Visit this page for a complete list of learning data resources.

Learn more on to how to measure learning and the harmonisation of standards for measuring learning outcomes for reporting on SDG 4 Indicators 4.1.1 on minimum learning proficiency, 4.4.2 in digital literacy skills, 4.6.1 on functional literacy and numeracy skills, 4.7.4 in knowledge of environmental science and geoscience, and 4.7.5 in breadth of skills.