M o n i t o r i n g   F r a m e w o r k


Conceptual framework

The design of an assessment is defined by its purpose and by defining what to measure and how to measure it. Decisions made at the conceptual stage affect the possibilities of what can be done with the data collected.

Methodological framework

Since SDG 4 data cover many countries and include many different initiatives, it is essential to define some minimum good practices for assessment programmes to follow while respecting national authority and autonomy in order to maintain quality and comparability.

Reporting framework

Assessments use different standard-setting approaches to build levels of performance to classify scores. For education systems participating in the same cross-national learning assessments, results are comparable, but results are not comparable across different cross-national learning assessments or between national assessments.

Indicator 4.4.2

Indicator 4.6.1