Second meeting of the Global Alliance to Monitor Learning

17-18 October 2016, Washington, DC

The second GAML meeting focused specifically on the:

  • Implementation of the SDG 4 global and thematic indicators;
  • Methodological work underpinning the proposed versions of the International Code of Practices for Learning Assessments, the Global Framework for Reference, and the UIS Catalogue of Learning Assessments;
  • Developments related to the learning scale; and
  • Next steps for GAML and recommendations to the Technical Cooperation Group for SDG 4–Education 2030 Indicators.

Meeting documents


Session 3: Defining and Implementing the SDG Global and Thematic Education Indicator Framework

Session 4: Roles and responsibilities related to indicator production and dissemination room document

Session 5: Issues in Measuring Learning

Session 7a: The contribution of student achievement tests to the monitoring of SDGs

Session 7b: The UIS Reporting Scales: Progress with the Global Metrics

Session 12: Report 1: Target 4.2 Early Childhood Development

Session 12: Report 2: Target 4.2 Early Grade

Session 12: Report 3: Target 4.1 End of Primary and End of Lower Secondary

Session 13: A1: Data Quality Assurance Framework – Next Steps

Session 13: A2: An enhanced UIS Catalogue of Learning Assessments

Session 13: B1: Global Partnership for Education’s initiatives. No PPT available.

Session 13: B2: Education Quality and Learning for All (EQUAL): A Global Researcher Network for SDG4

Session 14: Understanding the SDG4 Indicators Process and measurement challenges

Session 15: Aligning key initiatives in monitoring learning room document

Session 15: Consensus and chartering the way forward